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Are you a small business looking for a better way to receive and send faxes, internet fax will be perfect. With no software to install, setup is instant, cost and time savings is immediate. Throw out the fax machine, unplug that expensive telefax line, let internet faxing begin! You'll wish OnLine Fax had been part of your office years ago!

OnLine Fax provides the small office a simple to use, yet very powerful, effective telefax tool, never-busy online fax number (your or ours), plus options to route each fax to multiple email addresses for team collaboration. As business grows add the options needed to expand to other locations, add offices and employees automatically.

Take advantage of fax to an email, use the exact same service the BIG BOYS use! Check out these large corporation and State Government testimonials...CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

If your business sends and receives at least 500 pages each month you qualify. Get a quote now and ask for a test drive ... GET A QUOTE

Small Business fax problem solver...

very simple - no software to install,
no special training needed,
no need to ever call support,
no fax equipment needed,
get your faxes anywhere you have internet, even on mobile devices,
reliable internet connection and email is all you need,
quickly send a fax using faxnumber@onlinefax.com and attach the document,
our PDF print to fax driver quickly combines any print into a PDF file for fax,
port over existing fax numbers to Online Fax for seamless fax receipt,
never busy fax receiving, unlimited simultaneous calls to a single number,
get rid of a traditional shared fax machine,