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Online Fax Testimonials

With so many fax services and software programs and innovations vying for attention in the modern office, it can be hard to know who's got the goods and who just has good marketing. When it comes to office communication like sending an internet fax or an e-mail newsletter, you don't want to take any chances. Global Access' Online Fax service brings a reliable, one-touch fax online right to your desktop, mobile devices or production software. But a decision this important should not be left up to us. Hear what a few of our satisfied customers have to say below, and then try Fax Online, desktop software or our 'fax to an email' software-less solution for yourself!

Susan K.fax online

"It has been a real time saver and efficient and effective tool."

Janice M.internet fax

"OnLine Fax Service is a great tool that is easy to use and saves time. Thank you!!!"

Connnie M.

"Support is accessable and extremely helpful at all times and I feel they go the extra mile to assist me."

Debra H.online fax service

"Thanks for OnLine Fax. It is wonderful, and the convenience is so great. Plus each individual can receive their own fax without relying on a fellow associate to deliver it or even possibly lose it."

Lyn W.

"Great job! OnLine Fax is a fabulous partner".

Rachel S.

"Keep up the good work!"

Monte M.

"You have a great product. Works great!"

Sigrid B.

"Now faxes are received directly by the intended party, faxes are not getting lost on the shared fax machine."

Brian B.

"OnLine Fax helps reduce paper waste and over all costs."

Sharon F.

"It has been a real blessing and very easy and time saving. It is great to be able to fax from my desk rather than having to go wait in line to send a fax. Also, getting faxes at my computer is also a real time saver."

Amy K.

"Saves time from having to leave my desk to get faxes."

Tom W.

"Allows me to customize each fax to my target audience."

Blair C.

"Being able to retrieve a fax from any location allows for a more productive and efficient use of my time, and allows me to be able to respond to my employees better."

Lisa B.

"Being able to receive a fax regardless of the location/site that I am at is tremendous."

Bill M.

"OnLine Fax provides an excellent communication medium for my interaction with suppliers at my desk top that allows me to utilize my time more efficiently, thus enhancing my service response to the customer."

Robin B.

"OnLine Fax eliminates time tracking down faxes. Before we had to track down faxes because someone would take the fax and give to the wrong person in the office. Many faxes do not have the 'To:' filled out making it hard to deliver a paper fax to the correct person. With OnLine Fax, the fax is sent directly to the appropriate person the first time."

Will V.

"I needed the ability to make customer's feel the information they are sending is secure when it is faxed to me. OnLine Fax makes that possible."

Janice Q.

"It is fax and easy and comes right to you."

Rick F.

"OnLine Fax frees me up to get the real work done."

Lyn W.

"It allows our customer service representatives to receive faxes directly eliminating any issues with a fax machine."

Angie M.

"Saves us time walking to and from the fax machine."

Jack P.

"Cuts down on time spent going back and forth to the fax machine, not to mention the cost savings on paper and ink."

Richard B.

"It expedites fax communication and enables confidentiality."

Pam M.

"I love it!!!"

Frank C.

"It keeps private documents private."

Brian B.internet fax software

"I work on a floor with 275 people, before switching to electronic fax I would not get all of them."

Janine B.

"My biggest problem used to be sharing the fax machine with everyone, but now its fixed using OnLine Fax. No more major problems!"

Steve H.

"Our personnel no longer have to leave their desks to send manual faxes, so they're able to provide uninterrupted service to our customers. We also save time and money as they obtain, read, and distribute their faxes right from their computers."

Bonnie C.

"OnLine Fax is so convenient for sending a press release at a moments notice...seven days a week and 24 hours a day, we have been able to rely on OnLine Fax for timely delivery of our information."

Bill M.

"Now that we can receive faxes directly to our email there's no fear of an employee seeing confidential medical or personal information."

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