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Global Access Broadcaster

Today with several ways of communicating with customers, some prefer email others a fax. Sounds simple enough, except for the person in the office that has to keep track of two contact lists, one for email addresses another for fax numbers. Now, with Global Access Online Fax Broadcasting and Mail Merge Fax and Mail Merge Email Sender you can maintain one list with both the customer's email and fax contact specifying which is the preferred delivery choice, making the other a backup if the first fails. Now it is simple!

Another costly problem is follow up on a failed delivery. Whether the document was sent using fax or email, critical information must get to the customer, so more delivery failures turns into more work for someone to make follow up calls, correcting email addresses and fax numbers, then to resend that document. Not Any More! Using the Online Fax email access platform, anyone can instantly reach customers with urgent special announcements, discounts, newsletters, personalized merge letters, press releases, legislation updates, and more. The key money maker for your company is that Online Fax Broadcaster utilizes our unique failover fax broadcasting linked with email technology. Say a customer prefers documents by email, Broadcaster attempts to send the email, however it fails, that triggers our smart servers to restart document delivery to that same customer using their backup delivery method, a fax number. Completely automated, just feed in the combined email address and fax number list, then our cloud servers maximize the successful delivery of critical information returning a delivery confirmation report at the end.

Fax, email, or both, with instant failover routing to an email address or fax number you can't beat Global Access for guaranted success of your documents. Now, a single 'send' from your email can bulk email and broadcast fax document(s) to thousands, while your customers enjoy information without hassle.

Global Access broadcasting makes document delivery productive and painless, maximizing the delivery success rate of your important documents.

Take advantage of these new features!

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