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Are phone and fax calls secure?

OnLine Fax Secure, modernizes today's telecommunications security!

You pick up the phone or fax to make a call there's no thought on how that call is being connected. In the past land line calls were inherently secure, not so today most calls traverse the internet as a SIP transmission, Session Initiation Protocol, over a public internet connection and are therefore wide open to hacking. Unfortunately security has not kept up with the change in telecommunications media until now with OnLine Fax Secure!

Encrypted phone call

There are readily available software tools that can capture entire phone calls and reproduce fax documents from those recordings? Online Fax has taken your information protection to a new level with our unique live fax call encryption technology to keep hackers from capturing private information during sending or receiving faxes.

Encrypted Fax Sending and Receiving

Use FTP or encrypted email to send and receive faxes, it's secure, convenient and easy. Simply begin your email to 'secure@myonlinefax.com', attach your document, enter the fax number(s) in the subject, add encryption and click send! Fast and easy, providing the highest security available from any email software!

Secure Online Fax

* List up to 20 fax numbers that wish to receive your secure document.

* Also automatically include the text or html email message body into the fax cover page.

* Secure faxing may be launched from any email program that supports encryption or

* Launch from production software for secured automated fax delivery.

Also Data/Word Merge to Fax,  gives you an unbeatable advantage over the competition. Fast, instant, and personalized fax documents sent securely. There is nothing new to learn just send your standard Word merge documents and data file for immediate Merge to fax personalization without hassle.

Global Access Merge to fax makes document delivery secure, productive and painless, maximizing the delivery success rate of your important documents.

Take advantage of these new Online Fax features!

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