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Online Fax Merge

We all love new "toys", especially ones that are highly productive, save money, and don't require any assembly or in this case, don't require any 'installation'!

These 'no installation' features of Global Access provide instant access from your computer without any software installed. You just do your work as normal then send an email to a special address, @MyOnlineFax.com to put our servers to work for you. All automatically controlled by your email!

Now, with Global Access Online Fax Merge no more printing merge documents to fold, stamp and mail. Simply email the same merge data file and Word document to @MyOnlineFax.com for fast automatic delivery by fax and/or email!

Merge to Fax

Unique to Global Access is our Microsoft Word mail/data merge to fax and email. This huge time saver is easily accessed by our 'email to' platform, using the address 'merge@myonlinefax.com' with your merge data file and the Word merge document attached you can easily turn your Word merge into a personalized fax or email. No more print, fold and mail with expensive labor and postage. Use merge to fax or email eliminating manual faxes or letter printing, send to a few or thousands quickly! Launch the merge email from any desktop computer or an automated production software to generate personalized statements, invoices, processed transactions, prescription updates, legislative issues, mailings, etc. Using the Merge to Fax, anyone can instantly reach customers with urgent personalized announcements, discounts, newsletters, personalized letters, press releases, legislation updates, and more.

Use the special commands, such as #coverpage#, to customize the document handling. In this case, #coverpage#, converts the text or html body of the email into the first fax page.

Merge to fax cover page feature

Merge to Fax, email, or both,  gives you an unbeatable advantage over the competition. Fast, instant, and personalized fax and email merges. Meeting customer needs by providing personalized information without hassle.

Global Access Merge to fax makes document delivery productive and painless, maximizing the delivery success rate of your important documents.

Take advantage of these new Online Fax features!

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