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If you are a large corporation looking for a better way to receive and distribute faxes, Internet Fax may be for you. Most International Corporations have one or more internal fax servers to provide adequate fax bandwidth to large offices or distributed locations. In today's challenging economy, with smaller IT departments, stretched cash flow, a corporation can immediately increase productivity through outsourcing fax servers to our Cloud based Online Fax server.

OnLine Fax allows unique, never-busy online fax numbers for your whole team, plus bandwidth to accomodate high volume of desktop, mobile and automated fax pages. The International Corporate capabilities of OnLine Fax allows larger companies to spread the convenience of Online Fax to the entire enterprise implementing, fax to email, technology for low costs. Global Access's, Internet fax online, includes organizational features like Outlook contact syncing and the ability to combine multiple documents, scans and invoices into one, print to fax, easy-to-send file. This Corporate OnLine Fax service is your perfect fax solution providing customizable options on fax receiving or sending processes. Get a quote now and ask for a test drive ... GET A QUOTE

International Corporation fax problem solver...

free up the IT department for other projects,
fax enable multiple locations,
eliminate an old fax server,
no software to install,
no equipment needed,
world-wide international fax sending,
send a fax online using faxnumber@onlinefax.com,
our PDF print to fax driver quickly turns any print into a PDF file for fax,
our complete desktop print to fax software provides more customized control,
use our local international fax numbers,
port over existing fax numbers to Online Fax,
automated systems fax delivery,
fax enable mobile device users,
high volumes of fax bandwidth,
customizations of fax sending and receiving processes,
also Email and Fax Broadcast ,
never busy fax receiving, unlimited simultaneous calls to a single number,
ODBC connectivity for contact lookup to in-house database,
automatic interface to Outlook/Exchange for contact lookup,
delivery methods for received faxes-sftp, https, ssh, email, encrypted